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For most of the products, Light&You will provide you with installation manual that can be followed step by step by your electrician for installation. In case you still want our technician to visit you for installation, we can arrange the same at additional cost. Please get in touch with the Support Desk for assistance on the same.

Please click here to check our free installation offer.


Maintenance of these lights is very easy. Coming from renowned manufacturers, maintenance factor is well integrated in the design of the product. Please read and follow the detailed instructions provided with each light inside the packaging in addition to the instructions given below.

Generic Do's and Don'ts for Use and Maintenance of fixtures:

  • When installing and whenever acting on the appliance, ensure that the power supply has been switched off, disconnected from the electricity supply and allow the shade to cool.
  • Repairs and the replacement of damaged cables or electrical parts should only be carried out by a qualified electrician or an authorised distributor.
  • The appliance may in no way be modified or tampered with; any modification may compromise safety causing the appliance to become dangerous. Light&You declines all responsibility for products that are modified.
  • It is essential that any replacement bulb does not exceed the maximum wattage indicated inside the shade. This information can also be found on the technical specifications of the product on www.lightandyou.com
  • Fixture must not be installed in any position other than that shown in instructions.
  • The lights must be connected to an efficient grounding system in order to work safely and correctly.
  • Fixture may be cleaned with a non-abrasive, soft, dry cloth; slightly dampen the cloth with lukewarm water (>45DegC) for resistant dirt.Warning: do not use alcohol or other solvents. All water must be evaporated before the lamp is lit again.
  • The glossy lacquered surfaces should be maintained with a suitable polish in order to prevent deterioration and drying.The polish agent may not contain any sort of abrasives. The polish must be applied according to the manufacturer's instructions using a very soft cloth (microfiber).Note: Avoid any contact between the polish and the matt lacquered surfaces of the product.
  • Slowly screw in the diffuser or any other screw-able parts, taking care not to force the tightening operation. Excessive tightening may cause difficulties on the dismantling operation, making it necessary to use a tool or damage the threads permanently.
  • The symbol shown on the device indicates that the product must be thrown out in a different manner than with the urban trashes.
  • Products must be installed in a suitable environment (indoor/outdoor or dry/wet location) as specified on the technical specifications and in the installation manuals.


The safety of this fitting can only be guaranteed if these instructions are observed, during both installation and use. Please retain the detailed instructions received with the lights safely for future maintenance and upkeep of the products.