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About Us

light&you is a destination that welcomes you to a well curated collection of lighting tools, installation ideas and the choicest products from leading design brands across the globe. The collection offers you some of the most iconic creations by venerated designers, while on the other hand presents a range of the latest trends and technology. light&you is your opportunity to compose and articulate your space with light and lighting, to create a heightened perception of emotion and experience.

light&you is brought to you by a team of entrepreneurs with over a decade of experience in providing integrated lighting solutions, and creating sturdy platforms for high-end international lighting brands to establish their market in India.

Amit Gupta

Amit GuptaFounder & Director

A designer, thinker and conceptualizer for things creative, provocative and challenging, Amit Gupta traversed into promoting design and architecture by establishing the first Indian design management company - vis a vis, in 1997. vis a vis curated highly acclaimed architecture and design events being the first architecture and design gallery in the country.

Amit Gupta

Hardeep GuptaFounder & Director

An entrepreneur, design enthusiast, theatre artist, actor and singer, for Hardeep anything creative is purely a way of life. Master of Business Economics by qualification and with an analytical research based skill-set, her experience of over two decades adds quantitative and qualitative perspective to the business.

Amit Gupta

Samta NadeemCo-Founder

A product designer by training and lighting designer by profession, Samta has been leading creatives and communication for vis a vis India and lightandyou.com for over a decade. Inspired by and in awe of light, Samta looks for innovative ways to spread awareness on the subject through visual storytelling.

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