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Quality, tradition and innovation. These are the bedrock values of Panzeri, a company that has a 70-year history of producing lighting and selling the Made in Italy brand gracing the most exclusive interiors and exteriors worldwide. Lighting crafted with care and attention to detail, designed to light and enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces, with a myriad of solutions in terms of style. Panzeri lights are the ideal choice for Architects, Interior Designers and creatives planning to incorporate quality lighting into their private and public design schemes. The superior quality of each product is undoubtedly the driving factor in this choice. Hand-picked raw materials, expert tradition and manual skill for the most exclusive detailing, innovative and cutting-edge techniques in the field of LED technology, and all-Italian design: all of these factors have been key to the success of this company that, from day one – led by its founder Carlo Panzeri – has been steadfast in the belief that it would set a benchmark in the lighting industry.
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