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IL Fanale
1979 - The beginnings Moved by a great passion for light Fausto Dalla Torre and his wife Luisa started IL FANALE in a small workshop outside Treviso, near Venice. Their goal was handmaking high-quality fixtures as expression of Made in Italy; the use of noble materials like brass, copper and glass creates a classic style that is combined with a special treatment of oxidation - a secret passed on within the family – to make each product unique. 2000 - Growing sales network
 Foreign markets immediately appreciate the products of Il Fanale, sales networks are set up through distributors and agents in Australia, Belgium, Scandinavia, Ireland, Greece. 2011 - TORREMATO Marzia and Tomas Dalla Torre launch Torremato, a line of Il Fanale focused on design research. A creativity lab led by the use of natural materials and the inspired by respect for light pollution. 2015 - Design new generations Il Fanale faces the new international scene and new market challenges through the generational shift. The helm of the company is given to the two sons Marzia and Tomas, who grew up in the company inheriting the passion for lighting. Marzia becomes General Manager and Tomas is appointed as Art Director. Inspired by design trends around the world, starts cooperation with young independent designers, he develops new models with an update appeal, adding new styles (Industrial and New Art Deco) to IL FANALE, giving a more contemporary look to the traditional materials. 2019 - 40 YEARS OF LIGHT For its 40th Anniversary the company decides to update the brand identity by renewing its corporate image. Among the decision taken, hiring architects Calvi & Brambilla for the concept and the setup of the booth of Euroluce 2019. The duo was awarded the “Best Booth Concept” at Salone del Mobile di Milano in 2017. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!
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