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Arturo Alvarez

All our production is handmade, a way of working that is part of our brand's core values and that converts them in truly unique lamps, made with techniques often inspired in the traditional arts & crafts of our area. Human well-being through the hedonistic enjoyment of the object, is the concept that lies behind our work, and it is obtained from quality finishes, care for details and the premise of offering lamps with great personality. At Arturo Alvarez we have designed and manufactured decorative lighting for over 20 years. The natural environment where our factory is based, near Santiago de Compostela, in the northwest of Spain, is a constant source of inspiration that is reflected in the forms, textures and materials of our lamps. Curiosity is the virtue that guides the design process of Arturo Alvarez, creative director of the firm, who through exploration, taking quotidian materials out of their natural context, gets to new and surprising uses. This research led him to the development of SIMETECH®, an innovative and highly malleable material that achieved the BEST OF YEAR award from Interior Design in 2014 as best lighting solution. Some of our designs have been part of exhibitions in galleries and art museums of London, New York and Tokyo. And we have received the critic acknowledgement with recognitions like the Good Design award, for Gea and Fluo, or the Red Dot for our Guau.

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