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We enhance public and private living spaces by designing interiors with light, shape and character. Have an impact. Leave a mark. Do it well. Be an Experience. Thanks to these values we want to become a point of reference in the field for developers, planners, architects, lighting designers and final consumers, offering them a wide variety of lighting solutions. Have an impact: We are gradually but extremely rigorously changing our way of working to make the sustainable development model even more effective, respecting the environment and society. A constant commitment over time, dotted with obstacles and complexities, but also full of satisfactions and benefits for everyone. Sustainability is many things, but above all it is acting with conscience, always. Leave a mark: We share a common vision with established designers and emerging talents. The choice to collaborate with designers from all over the world makes the Kdln collection rich in nuances and influences deriving from different cultures and experiences. Each lamp follows a specific creative and technological process. Glass, metal, ceramics are expertly used to ensure uniqueness, recognition, excellent performance and impeccable quality. Our products are made to leave a mark on different ambients, always keeping in mind key values such as uniqueness, solidity and functionality, with the aim of giving character to interiors and inspiring the people who live there. Do it well: We only work with manufacturers who can guarantee the highest level of competence and reliability. The specialization of each supplier in certain processes and materials allows you to experiment, dare and often overcome the limits imposed by technologies and materials. Curiosity, research, precision and attention to detail are factors that allow us to identify cutting-edge design and construction solutions, capable of adapting to market needs. Be an experience: From the intimate space of private homes to the entrance halls of imposing public buildings, passing through restaurants, shops and offices, we are able to provide the products and assistance necessary to carry out projects that meet the specific needs of each customer. Over the years, we have built up the necessary skills to develop products and tailor-made projects for all customers looking for luminous settings and impressive atmospheres. Thanks to the technical and commercial support of our team, it is possible to satisfy every type of requirement by customizing every aspect of the project with great flexibility.
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