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We offer FREE SHIPPING, PACKAGING and HANDLING across the entire catalog of Products available on the Light&You Website at designated pin code areas. At the moment we do not ship outside India, but we will soon be catering to design connoisseurs from all over the world.

Light&You can deliver to any address specified by you as long as it falls under our scope of delivery. Please click here to check if we deliver at your pin code.

Certain states have mandatory Octroi/Tax in specific cities, payable by the customer. In case the pin-code entered by you during the checkout process falls under an area that requires mandatory entry tax/octroi, then you will be charged the same by the shipping/courier company that will collect and pay the same on your behalf. You will, of course, get a call from shipping/courier Company to designate a time and date for delivery of the Product, on which the order will be delivered and entry tax/octroi, if applicable, will be collected against submission of tax receipt.


It would take approximately 10-12 weeks for most of your orders to reach you. This timeline is in view of a lot of international brands in our portfolio which would need to be shipped from their country of origin. We have to keep under consideration that your special order is travelling a long way to reach your home. In case, the products reach us earlier, we would be glad to deliver them earlier. In case, there is a marginal delay, we request you to bear with us. You will, of course, be intimated our Support Desk in all such cases.

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