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Stéphane Joyeux

Stéphane Joyeux

Creative Director of Roger Pradier since 2001, Stéphane Joyeux holds a diploma from the Creapole-Esdi Design School. With a solid grounding in every stage of the industrial design process – research, dimensional modelling, prototype testing – he’s an expert at developing technical solutions. He has undertaken collaborative gigs in the automotive, sports and electrical industries with the likes of Plasto Design, Salomon, and Arnould, so his intuitive approach is informed by additional know-how specific to these fields. It was Stéphane who launched Roger Pradier’s contemporary ranges of outdoor lighting. Taking the helm of the entire design process, he does his share of sketching and modelling, and provides creative oversight every step of the way. Excellence and utility are his watchwords. He enjoys balancing ingenuity with design to address the ethical, environmental and sustainability issues inherent in lighting engineering. For Stéphane, every lamp represents an aesthetic challenge, embodying his personal commitment to design first-rate products that meet today’s standards on criteria like energy efficiency and longevity. He’s known for the innovative form and playful feel of his lighting fixtures, including Equix, Picto, Grumo, Brick, Bamboo, Sherlock, RP195, and the Ibuk wall light, which won the 2015 VIA Award for its originality. His design approach interweaves childhood memories and innovation with technical understanding, so that after the initial surprise, you see that utility is the only remaining reason...
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