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Spiro Medium Pendant - Natural Cherry

Designer Remedios Simon Product Code SPRO SM 21 LED DIM0-10V


Op art (optical art) developed in the 1960s as an artistic style that used geometric shapes to generate optical illusions. With a nod to the genre, designer Remedios Simón created Spiro, a charismatic pendant whose frame contains a mass of irregular wood veneer spirals. Available in different outer shell versions (cherrywood, large acrylic white or black, medium acrylic white or black), Spiro is an impressive light with an enchanting aura. Similar to op art, Spiro plays with the physiology and psychology of human perception, its charm utterly irresistible.

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Name Spiro Medium Pendant - Natural Cherry
Product Code SPRO SM 21 LED DIM0-10V
Family Name Spiro
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor
Mounting Suspension
Net Weight 10.1 Kg
Dimensions Pendant Diameter: 29.52 inch, Suspension Height: 5.90 inch
Wattage 48W
Color Temperature 3000K
Light Effect Diffused
IP Rating 20
Certification FSC
Material Opaque Wood Shell, Wood Veneer Spirals.
Remedios Simon
Remedios Simon

I studied fine arts at the faculty in Valencia. From this stage of my life I could highlight my first contact with the speciality that was in my mind since the very first day of school: sculpture. Volumes, spaces, textures, materials, screws, rivets, etc. completely changed my preferences. Whatever I touched and projected turned to be something solid, firm and with determinant shape. It was the beginning of a new life, I could almost say I was professionally born at that time. Until then, my conception of design was circumscribed to billboards with the theme ” Work or Design?” After having being honoured with several awards, project grants and contest selections, I was stepping into my third life when beginning my university teaching at the Design School of Alcoy. I then discovered that I inherited my father´s scope of realising that my interest was basically based on the functionality of things. I heard him say things that I read in books years later “It´s the best, it´s simple and it works”. With my dad as a companion and Cicerone, I got introduced little by little into the world of industrial estates, which I looked at with curiosity and intrigue. We kind of understand each other, which is an essential relationship with my unpredictable career. There are so many things and processes to learn and experiment about! What inspires me? What has an influence over me? I ask myself and the answer was “All, I guess”.

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