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Karman was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone and, as always, its designer lamps stand out thanks to their aesthetics and performance. At Karman, suggestions are transformed into light sculptures able to synthesize the creativity and passion of the designers, who, with care and skill, have dedicated themselves to designing unique lighting design solutions. Behind the creation of each designer lamp, each project, and each catalogue is the work of ordinary people who transform something ordinary, lighting, into something extraordinary, which strikes and excites. Different stories united by a common thread: light and what is possible to tell through it, always obtaining new food for thought. Freedom to be, irony, and careful observation of the world to grasp its tendencies, vices, and virtues and transform them into light. This is how Karman’s decorative lighting, for interiors and exteriors, comes to life. From the passion and a pinch of madness of a team that wants to show its most transparent authenticity to the world
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